Message 19 - My Computer Crashed
If you have a Stand-Alone version of the Software there are three considerations:

1) Getting the Software reinstalled. Click the appropriate link below for instructions:

    Aviator     Joule     Magellan      Pro3000     VCAT

2) Recovering you Client data.

The instructions from (1) explain which files are needed. If you have access to the data on the crashed computer you can copy the files from there. Otherwise, you will have to get the files from one of your backups.

3) Recovering your Authorization, except for VCAT because it does not need Authorization.

If the computer was authorized when it crashed the authorization was most likely lost. Please see the bottom of this page for the recovery process.

If you have a network version of the Software recovery depends on which computer crashed:

Workstation Recovery

Do (1) from the Stand-Alone instructions to install the Software. The Client data and the Authorization reside on the network server so (2) and (3) are not necessary.

Server Recovery

a) restore the Software to the server by following the steps for a Stand Alone computer.

b) the Workstations will probably be OK unless there was a change in the server configuration. In that case, the surest way to get them operational is to un-install the software on the Workstation (NOT the server) and then reinstall it on the Workstation.

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