Valpar Software Authorization and Deauthorization

  Does my Software need Authorization?

If you have VCAT - no.

Yes for Aviator, Joule, Magellan, and Pro3000.

Make Sure You Have The Latest Valpar Internet Access Update

Changes at our Internet Service Provider in 2019 required changes in our software for Authorization, De-authorization, and Automatic Updating. These will fail if you do not have the update.

If in doubt, get the latest version for   Aviator   Joule   Magellan   Pro3000   VCAT .

What is Authorization?

Valpar Software was sold on a per-copy basis. It can be installed on as many computers as you like but only the number of copies purchased can be operational at any one time.

For example, if two copies were purchased then only two installations of the Software can be functional at any one time.

To be functional, an installation of the Software must be "Authorized". The number of copies purchased is stored on Valpar's server. When you Authorize an installation of the Software the count decreases by one. When you Deauthorize the Software the count increases by one.

Conceptually, Authorization moves a virtual Token from Valpar's server to your computer. Deauthorization moves it back. This process allows you to move Authorization Tokens between your computers while keeping the number that are functional at any one time at no more than the number of copies purchased.

This is an Internet-based process so, of course, you must have an active connection.

  How do I Authorize my Software?

Use the "Authorize" shortcut in the Software's desktop folder. If there is no such folder, navigate to the Software's installation directory (right-click the shortcut that runs the Software and then click Open File Location on the pop-up menu) and run the appropriate program from the list below:

avi3auth.exe     for Aviator
j3auth.exe     for Joule
mag7auth.exe     for Magellan
p2auth.exe.exe     for Pro3000
VCAT does not need authorization

  How do I Deauthorize my Software?

Use the "Deauthorize" shortcut in the Software's desktop folder. If there is no such folder, run the same program you would for authorization (one program does both).

  What happens if my Computer Crashes?

If there was an Authorized copy of the Software on the computer then the Authorization is lost. So is your Client data unless you have a backup.

  What happens if my Computer is Replaced?

It depends on how the replacement is done.

Ideally, you will Deauthorize the Software and make a final copy of the Client data before the computer is replaced. The new computer will appear, the Software will be installed and Authorized, and your Client data will be copied to the new computer.

If you go away for the summer and return in the fall to a brand new computer it's the same as a crash.

If you come in one day and find the IT people have finally given you a new computer, and whisked away your old computer to parts unknown, it's the same as a crash.

  Can I Recover a Lost Authorization?

Yes, you can - Click Here