How to Install Valpar Software on a Computer
that does not have an Internet Connection
You will need a computer that does have an Internet connect and an available USB port. You will also need a USB Thumb Drive.

Using this computer, plug in the Thumb Drive.

Open the Valpar Support Site (the one you are on right now) and click the appropriate link under "Downloads".

Click the "How To" link under "Installing from the Internet". This will open an Adobe PDF in a new tab. From Adobe, save the file to the Thumb Drive. You may have to download it again within Adobe.

Close the Adobe tab and then click "Installation Executable". Different browsers offer different options for downloading but the goal is to save this file on the Thumb Drive. Do what needs to be done to make this happen.

With the two files downloaded to the Thumb Drive, dismount and remove it.

Insert the Thumb Drive into the computer on which you want to install the Software.

If your IT people have set a Windows security policy that does not allow a Thumb Drive to be accessed you will have to consult them to get a temporary waiver.

Open the How-To PDF

Copy the Installation Executable from the Thumb Drive to any path on the computer.

Follow the instructions in the How-To but SKIP THE THIRD STEP that instructs you to download the installation files. Instead, run the Installation Executable that you copied to the computer.

But how to authorize? Maybe provide the phone auth and they can do both parts.