Message 20 - Moving My Software to Another Computer
Please note that you can install the Software on as many computers as you like but can only RUN the Software on a computer that is Authorized. A fixed number of Authorizations was purchased with your Software. Click here to see your current Authorization status.

Authorization "virtual tokens" can be moved back and forth between Valpar's web site and your computers, so you can share the Authorizations dynamically.

Moving your Software is really just a matter of installing the Software on another computer with two important caveats if you are decommissioning your old computer:

1) Don't forget to de-authorize the current computer. Otherwise, the Authorization will be lost and you may need it to Authorize the new computer.

2) If you do not transfer your Client data from the current computer to the new computer it will be lost. The installation instructions explain how to copy your Client data to the new computer. Briefly, it's a matter of copying a few files from the current computer to a USB Thumb Drive and then copying them from the Thumb Drive to the new computer.

Last Revised 4/7/2020 12:53:00 PM