Metered Aviator Troubleshooting  
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  I Can't Access New Clients
  If you are pretty sure your subscription did not expire on the date shown in the message, perhaps your software was not updated after your last subscription renewal.

Try this:

Start Aviator

Click the "About Access" button at the lower-left of the first screen

A new screen will be displayed. Click the "Update from the Internet" button at the upper-right

Click "OK"

Click "Continue" and Aviator will close.

Start Aviator and the new expiration date should be displayed on the startup screen

If your subscription really did expire you can renew it here and it will be the last time you ever have to do it because:

Until recently, Metered Aviator required an annual subscription fee. I the subscription expired Aviator would not allow new Clients to be asssessed although reports could still be generated for already-assessed Clients.

With Valpar closing on March 31, 2020, we decided to eliminate the annual subscription fee for facilities with an expiration date of 3/31/20 or later.