SIGI3career planning software SIGI3 helps students and other job seekers create a career plan that's right for them. SIGI3 helps students and other job seekers create a career plan that's right for them.
SIGI3career planning software Education and career planning software for web SIGI PLUS approached career decision-making easy system to utilize and so helpful in career counseling Add Your Own career Demographics Get complete access to SIGI 3 with a trial Education and Career Planning Software for the Web

The Buzz About SIGI3

Counselors Say:

"We are thrilled with SIGI3. It is such an easy system to utilize and so helpful in career counseling." MT, Director of Student Support Services, Shorter College

"It has been a good experience. Students really seem to like the Quick Start. We've been very pleased with the navigation and ease of use for our students." JG, Director, Career Center, Augusta State University

"My colleagues and I have researched other online programs and have decided that SIGI is the best one for our students." DS, Career Counselor, Bergen Community College

"Sigi3 is a life saver!" ML, Coordinator of Career Development, Berea College

"SIGI is an awesome tool and will serve to be a terrific asset to a community college." SB, Director of Recruitment and Career Services, Mohave Community College

"We are happy, satisfied customers." SMS, Coordinator of Testing and Career Center, University of Akron

"Our students like the program very much! Keep up the good work!" AD, Director of Career Services Center, Mountain State University


Students Report:

"The SIGI program was very helpful and accurate to the major that I had already selected for myself. It's a great program that I'm sure I will visit again in the future as I get closer to actually inteviewing for and obtaining a job." SH, Student

"SIGI3 website has been very educational in helping me learn about my personality traits. Furthermore, through various activities I was able to discover my areas of strengths and weaknesses. Being able to decide what major to choose depending upon my choice of occupation was very beneficial. All the researched data was right there at the click of my mouse. Thank you for helping me to finally make my decision what exactly I would like to do for the next four years of my life." RW, Student

"This program is awesome! Today is my first time using the programme, and I am enjoying every minute of it. I am learning things about myself I did not know. I found so many occupations that interest me, with vast amounts of information. I am more confident now, when I speak in terms of occupation and career. I am also a better and smarter student. Thank you all so much." PM, Student

"Thank you for every source on this site. It really helped me out with understanding what to do once I get to college." CR, Student

"I found SIGI to be helpful in a lot of ways. For a while I have longed for an assessment test such as SIGI to help me determine what it is I would like to do with my career. I haven't quite figure it out, but SIGI gave me a general idea of what my personal interests are. So whomever came up with the idea of SIGI, I would like to thank them." VF, Student

"These activities were very helpful and informative." VM, Student


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